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GEM Polishers have been bought.  ABBOTT Machine Co. will continue to build and sell the GEM polishers.

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GEM 04150

GEM WS Machine

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GEM 08150

GEM; for all your superfinishing and microfinishing needs!

About Us

As a leading provider of Microfinishing, we take pride in offering the best service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. 

We had the first patten on the Microfinishing machine.  The company was started in the 1980's and have grown since then.

GEM is a proven leader in roll grinder retrofit equipment.  Hundreds of successful installations prove that the simplicity of the GEM design works.  GEM Systems can generate specific finishes very quickly with a minimum of operator training.

You can select from our standard machines to a special retro-fit design to fit your needs.